Defect diagnosis

Our experts help to Reduce costs with early detection

Early detection and identification of building defects can prove invaluable in reducing costs and minimising repair processes. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience we can employ specialist investigation equipment and methods to identify defects and analyse problems.

Undertaking a detailed property inspection, or house inspection if residential, we will consider all construction and maintenance issues and produce a detailed defect report.

What does reactive work mean?

In cases where the problem cannot be easily resolved by a local contractor or the underlying cause identified, a surveyor will be engaged to investigate with specialised equipment. Using their knowledge of building pathology, and employing detailed testing techniques they will report their findings and give recommendations for repair works or other actions to be undertaken.

In the event of a building failure, the cause must be identified as a matter of urgency and remedial work put in place to correct the issue such as propping or shoring to make safe.

What is planned maintenance?

We always advise our clients to consider pre-planned maintenance. Having a well planned preventative maintenance schedule in place will minimise the risk of defects and is financially beneficial. It will reduce the severity of any damage and the need for reactive maintenance services to be undertaken as a matter of urgency.     

Cardoe Martin understands the inconvenience that may be caused during these investigations and will always advise on the best solution to minimise disruption to tenants and occupiers. We endeavour to carry out our services in a timely and unobtrusive manner where realistically possible.


Why is maintenance so important?

Most defects present as leaks, water ingress, cracks or visible damage most commonly affecting a facade or decorative finish. Regular maintenance will not only prevent these occurring but will enable any issues to be dealt with quickly and with minimum disruption and cost. In severe cases the structure of the building could be compromised resulting in financial loss.

What if the situation requires more complex investigation?

When necessary Cardoe Martin will use the following to gain a more accurate view of a problem and any associated damage:

CCTV, electronic leak tracing, material testing, drone survey, using a cherry picker to gain an aerial view at high level, timber and structure specialists.

What is the expected response time to urgent defects?

Once we have received your written instruction, we strive to make an initial site visit within one week.  A detailed report will follow within ten days.



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