Expert Disabled Accessibility Services 

Cardoe Martin provides the full range of accessibility consultancy for residential and commercial clients but also for prime residential houses and blocks that have a particular need to consider the aesthetics of any new works.

Accessibility and compliance with the Equality Act 2010, especially in the built environment is a hot topic in our post-pandemic era and it is something that can benefit everyone because it places the user at the heart of everything it does. This can really add value to:

–          Wellness and ability to live independently for longer.
–          Social inclusion through increased visitability
–          Happiness and better mental health through the creation of a better space to live and work in.


We can advise on a range of approaches to implementing disabled access, including physical and technology based, or a combination, and low cost solutions for improvements and legal compliance are often available, alongside guidance on management where physical changes are not possible or reasonable.

Cardoe Martin can provide you with:


  • Access Audits
  • Plan Appraisals
  • Access Strategy
  • Access Statements
  • Expertise for prime homes and residential blocks
  • Project Management and Contract Administration for works to implement improvements


What is an access audit and how long do they take?
An access audit is a way of assessing the accessibility of an environment, such as a building or green space. It is a complex activity but normally audits require a day to be spent on site and then several more days dedicated to producing the specialist report. 
What is a Plan Appraisal?
During a Plan Appraisal, Cardoe Martin will examine the proposal/s for new building works against a defined set of criteria. This service is really useful in making sure everything is done at the earliest RIBA stage possible – leaving it too late can cost as much as 10x more after each stage. 
What is an Access Statement?
An Access Statement is a tool, helpful for planning purposes, which is created to help guide a programme of works. Legal responsibilities of access and inclusion has/will be considered and will depend on the size, nature and complexity of the building or space which is being examined. It should cover the policy and approach being used, details of professional advice and results of any consultations undertaken, and it should highlight where good practice is not being met and why. 


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