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Planning applications and building regulations can be very complex and difficult to understand.

Planning approval is the process of obtaining permission from a local planning authority to carry out works, which could include building a new dwelling, extending or altering the external appearance, or demolishing a building.

Building Regulations approval relates to any proposed alterations to an existing property or when undertaking a new-build project. Building Regulations set standards relating to design and construction of a building and building control relates to alterations which can involve thermal elements, fire safety, disability access and inclusion. Cardoe Martin has a close professional relationship with a number of respected building control companies and can work with them on projects to ensure full compliance.   


There are strict penalties for failure to comply by the regulations and may result in prosecution or a fine. The local authority can hold the property owner responsible, even when failure is a genuine mistake, and you could become liable for the bad advice of a contractor. It is critical to understand your obligations and obtain professional advice to minimise costly errors.


How do I know if I need planning consent?

This depends on many aspects, including the nature of the work you want to do, where the work is to be done and if it will affect the types of materials and style you can adopt. The only way to know for certain is to enquire with your local planning authority, or to speak to a specialist planning consultant. Guidance is provided by the UK Planning Portal

Do I need Building Regulations Approval?

Most types of significant works which change a building (including changing a window, building an extension, a loft conversion) will require approval by the local authority or an approved inspector to ensure that works comply with the law. In some cases, works can be completed by a ‘competent person’ for which the contractor can certify their own work as compliant. 


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