Drone Surveying

Our Drone Services are insured, and CAA approved

Cardoe Martin developed its drone survey and inspection capability specifically to offer our customers a flexible and often significantly lower-priced solution to inspection difficult to access locations. A drone survey utilises a small unoccupied aerial vehicle to perform an inspection using a variety of camera types depending on the client’s requirements. Drones are really useful because unlike a lot of other types of aircraft they can hover and fly at very low altitudes – making them a fast and easily deployable solution to problems that generations of surveyors have faced when trying to access hard to reach spots. 

Our drones are suitable for use in urban locations, and our qualified pilots able to capture high resolution footage of land and buildings for records, such as pre lease or works schedules of condition, or for further assessment to establish presence of defects or issues that require remediation.

Cardoe Martin’s specialist drone surveys can assist you with a variety of services across the built and natural environments.


  • Roof Inspection Surveys
  • Assessment of high level parts of elevations and installations 
  • Property & Asset Inspection
  • Land Survey & Land Photography


Why can using a drone save money?
A drone is a lightweight device which can be easily deployed by our surveyors to get a visual inspection done on hard to reach places – like a roof. Drones offer us options instead of just having to fall back on the traditional ladder or cherry picker access or expensive scaffold systems. It makes a massive difference to both the speed at which we can complete an inspection but also offers brilliant value to our clients. 


Is Cardoe Martin a fully approved operator?
Yes, all our pilots have CAA permission to fly drones for commercial use.


How accurate is an inspection performed by drone?
This depends on the needs of the project. For building surveying having high quality, high definition images and video is very useful but, in some cases, the project will have a slightly lower requirement. Overall, drone surveys offer a game-changing level of service to both client and surveyor.



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